Ready for the Life Changing Experience of Shamanic Breathwork™? As a student of metaphysics and spiritual learning for over 25 years the most positive and transformative and powerful healing modality I have experienced is Shamanic Breathwork™. I have a calling… More

Going with the Flow Campaign

The ‘Going with the Flow at Isis Cove‘ Campaign seeks to support the plan that Mother Nature has intended for Forgiveness Pond. Over the many years that it was owned by Brad Collins and Star Wolf and now by Robert… More

Who are we?

Isis is one of the oldest goddesses of ancient Egypt. She is considered to be a patron saint of women, mothers and children, embodied perseverance and strength among other positive traits. She was initially an obscure goddess who lacked her… More

The SHADOW (& how is it good?)

The term ‘shadow’ was defined and studied extensively by famous psychologist Carl Jung. Our shadow forms as we develop and what we choose to hide is put into our shadow side. Everyone has a shadow side. Jung says if we… More


  , A note from Ruth Anne Here is how I use Frankincense. I get the crystals . (For locals I think ‘In Your Ear’ in Sylva may have some.)  Also I believe they have the charcoal disks in a… More